My name is Linda Aboltina and I am a self-taught artist. I always wanted to be associated with art, but somehow ended up becoming a journalist. At the same time, I never stopped dreaming and always believed that everything we need and want in our lives comes at the right moment. After a while, I decided to change my life. I started studying different styles of art, searched, explored, experimented, and challenged myself.


Later, I found out about epoxy resin and immediately felt the connection that this is the one for me! I worked only with resin for a couple of years, but now I love mixing my art with alcohol inks and acrylics. I like to add texture, some sparkle, dimensions and give some feeling of different materials to the art. Each painting is unique and a thread for the next artwork I make.


I am very thankful to my husband and all my family for the support and encouragement they give me to do the thing I truly love. Linda Vika has been my pseudonym for a very long time. I never thought it could take such an important role in my life.
I truly believe I can make people happier with my art.

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